Saturday, January 16, 2010

Makeover Kendall Square!

Kendall square is a new development being proposed for the corner of Feura Bush and Elsmere across from Walden Fields. This proposal is coming up for approval to the Planning Board soon. Perhaps as early as February 2! As residents of the town who live near this busy intersection here are a few of our concerns:
1. Density Issues: The proposal includes 112 apartments in 20 buildings on 13.5 acres. Reduce the no. of units and building sizes.
2. Commercial space: On that same 13.5 acres the developer is also proposing 20,000 to 40,000 square feet of retail space. (Spatially equate this to 10 to 20 - 3 bedroom homes.) Is there a need for this or will they be vacant like several spaces at the corner of Feura Bush and Rt. 9 are? Who rents will impact neighbors, traffic & parking.
3. Large parking lots: All of the above requires significant parking. The plan shows one large parking lot for 50 plus cars and numerous smaller areas. We want smaller lots and landscaping!
4. Traffic congestion: With 112 apartments plus commercial spaces; we could easily have 200 additional cars every morning and afternoon during rush hour at the corner of Feura Bush and Elsemere. Currently almost 9,000 cars travel these roads daily and they have been rated D and F (failing/ almost failing grades) by traffic consultants during rush hour. How will they mitigate traffic concerns?
5. An Incompatible streetscape: This development does not relate aesthetically to its neighbors who are largely agricultural or suburban. Minimal setbacks are used for most buildings.
6. Few Public Amenities: One gazebo on a busy corner??
In our town’s regulations this corner has been zoned a hamlet. Unsure of what a hamlet is? The best known hamlet in our area is the Four Corners. Does what we have described above remind you of the Four Corners at all?

Please sign our petition to REMAKE KENDALL SQUARE…NOW!

To do so, scroll down the page to the petition, print page, sign and send to 
Makeover Kendall Square, 21 Walden Fields Dr., Delmar NY 12054